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Primary Goal

Michael always knew he wanted to own his own business. Now he’s looking to protect that hard work and keep his financial goals on track.

Meet Michael

Michael is a software developer and creator of a successful SaaS product. He’s all about using technology to stay agile and solve real challenges in the marketplace.

But Michael also knows the importance of trusting his teams to do what they’re best at—which is why he’s looking to develop a roadmap that guarantees his financial success.

Michael lives comfortably and his business is thriving in this new digital world. He’s also not afraid to splurge on occasion.

Michael wants to protect all that hard work he’s put into the business. But his biggest challenge is translating his initial success into an actionable plan that provides for him, both today and tomorrow. 

That traditional bank experience isn’t what Michael’s looking for. He wants something more personalized—something more geared towards his needs. 

Michael wants someone in his corner who understands his goals and the lifestyle he lives.

That’s why he came to SaaS Wealth Insurance.

Creating Michael’s Plan

The set it and forget it approach wasn’t good enough for Michael. He wanted a hands-on approach delivered by a professional who understands tech and modern financial planning.

What did his financial plan include?

  • Protecting his income and business
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Tax planning and strategy
  • Investing and risk management
  • Benefits for his employees
  • Prioritizing his short and long-term goals
  • Mapping out his future home purchase
  • Funding vacations and lifestyle purchases
  • Marriage and life milestones
  • Roadmapping his financial freedom

The Outcome

Michael is now in control of his financial future. He doesn’t just have a financial plan—he has his financial plan.

He understands exactly how much he earns, the financial health of his business, where his money is going, and how that money is securing his lifestyle and financial freedom.

And Michael now has a trusted partner actively working to achieve his goals. He’s more confident than ever that he’s on the right path.

How We’ve Helped Others Just Like Michael

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