Saving Money While You’re Travelling


Do you have any travel plans coming up? Here are the following few tips you should know before you begin your trip! 


1. Do not exchange money at the airport

Although exchanging money at the airport can be very convenient, it typically charges outrageous exchange rates. So to save money, avoid using the currency exchange stalls at the airport!



2. Forex fees 

You should pay attention to the potential foreign exchange fees on your credit cards before you use them while travelling. 



3. Bring a water bottle

In Europe, many tourist spots will charge for water. You can save a lot of unnecessary spending if you carry your own water bottle! 



4. Evo (or Uber)

Instead of taking a taxi to the airport, an Evo or Uber car ride can bring down the cost for you in Vancouver.



5. Shop, dine, and travel like locals

Tourist spots are generally extremely expensive. However, if you do research and have some local advices, you can save up! 



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