Case Study: Enjoy What You’ve Built

Primary Goal

Sarah and Kyle are approaching retirement and want to protect their hard work to fully enjoy everything this new stage of their lives has to offer.

Meet Sarah & Kyle

Sarah and Kyle have been a dedicated team throughout their lives. They’ve nearly paid off their mortgage, raised their children, and made sound financial decisions.

With retirement on the horizon, they seek a plan that aligns with their goals of enjoying life on their terms.

Their Concerns and Goals

Their prudent financial planning and funded pensions give them control over their future. Their goal is to maximize the value of their hard-earned wealth.

They need more than just basic financial advice; they require a personalized, tax-efficient strategy to ensure a high quality of life, protect their wealth, and leverage all available benefits.

Sarah and Kyle wanted a financial planner who would focus on their needs, both now and in the future.

That’s why they came to SaaS Wealth Insurance.

Creating Sarah & Kyle’s Plan

Retirement comes with its own unique set of rules and requirements. Sarah and Kyle wanted to ensure that their needs were the focus, so they could enjoy life with those they love most.

What Did Their Financial Plan Include?

  • Mapping out retirement income and expenses
  • Reviewing retirement cash flow
  • Analyzing their current investment portfolio
  • Reducing their exposure to risk
  • Making tax-efficiency a priority
  • Creating a plan for wealth transfer
  • Reviewing Sarah and Kyle’s pension options
  • Determining a plan for CPP and OAS benefits
  • Structuring future withdrawals based on tax-efficiency
  • Planning for their children’s future milestones

The Outcome

Sarah and Kyle now have a comprehensive, personalized financial plan that gives them confidence for the future. They understand how to maximize the value of their wealth, benefit from tax savings, and plan for what lies ahead.

With the newfound support of SaaS Wealth Insurance, Sarah and Kyle are empowered to live their best lives moving forward.

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