Case Study: Growing Family

Primary Goal

Candy and John are ambitious professionals who want to transform their success into stability for their growing family.

Meet Candy & John

Candy and John are the definition of the modern professionals. They are hardworking, rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, and are transitioning into the family life.

They are no strangers to personal finance. Having already purchased a home and saving for retirement, they want to maintain their financial momentum as their lives continue.

With the birth of their first son, their focus has shifted to protecting their family. They need someone on their side—someone that can reduce their workload and help them reach their financial goals.

Busy schedules make it difficult to attend in-person advisory meetings. Candy and John require a personalized approach that fits their lifestyle and can be accessed from home.

That’s why they chose SaaS Wealth Insurance.

Creating Candy & John’s Plan

Candy and John wanted to achieve stability through personalized financial planning and advice. They understood the services they needed but lacked the time to manage everything themselves.

Their financial plan included:

  • Strategic investments for the future
  • Insurance planning
  • Saving for short and long-term goals
  • Protecting their family from the unknown
  • Tax-efficient investment strategies
  • Enabling their family to grow
  • Funding RESPs and their child’s future
  • Flexible growth that fits their family
  • The freedom to enjoy important moments
  • Offloading financial planning tasks

The Outcome

Candy and John now have the tools to feel financially secure. They can focus on their careers, family growth, and their child’s future.

They are confident that their financial goals are the priority, providing them with the flexibility and security to live life, watch their kids grow, and never miss a moment.

Candy and John now know they have a financial team dedicated to achieving their dreams.

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